Nonprofit video production

We like to help tell stories that make a difference in the world. 

Our nonprofit video work during Covid


The work nonprofits do to change lives is essential to the very existence of a civilized, compassionate world.  And now, you have to figure out how to reach your people when you can't invite everyone to an in-person event!!  We can help get your story out there.  Put a face to your work. Touch people’s hearts.  Engage them in your cause.  

You need good content and good technology to make a good fundraiser.  We help with both.  We are experienced writers who can help create an engaging script for your event.  And we have some amazing gear that can turn our studio or your location into a mini TV studio so we can produce and stream your fundraising event.  Have a fabulous emcee?  No problem.  A keynoter? No problem.  Pre-produced videos that capture the powerful stories that show and tell what you do?  No problem.  We can use up to four cameras, computer feeds for zoom panels, produced pieces, graphics, green screen -- and stream it on multiple platforms. 

You can see some of our work below. If you have an idea that you don’t see here, let's talk.  Our goal is always to figure out what works best for you. 

Zooming & Streaming


Zoom and Skype are not only our new best friends for meetings, they're great for doing video interviews.  Need to hear stories from volunteers and supporters about the impact of your work? All it takes is an invitation, a little coaching from us on the front end to make the best looking Zoom picture, and voila! Let the interviewing and the stories begin! One benefit? The interviewee can be practically anywhere.

We can also feed Zoom into our mini TV studio -- an individual or a panel of experts -- for your streaming event. 

Check out these little videos.  One shows our streaming gear. The others are clips from recent fundraisers.

Virtual Streaming Fundraiser Events

// Streaming Virtual Events


//AFSP Colorado Experience

// A Streaming Event Opener

Social media quick hits

// The Paisley Project

// AFSP 

// LeaderSpring


Telling your whole story

// NewSteps 360

// Project Sanctuary

// Camp Spirit

Video content for nonprofits

There are so many possibilities...

  • An image piece that can be shown online and at a fundraising event. 
  • Multi-part videos to highlight different programs or services.
  • Volunteer tribute at an event
  • Volunteer training.
  • Or other options that can arise from our collaboration.  

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Vickie Thomas
On behalf of the board of directors, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your support of the Listen Foundation. Your video has not only helped with educating others about who we are and what we do; it has directly helped us in securing the funds to help more children to hear, listen and talk.   We had our event yesterday and used your video as the cornerstone for our appeal. We exceeded our fundraising expectations!   You truly made a difference. 
5 / 5 stars

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