Communicating, now more than ever.

In these unprecedented times, clear communication is more important than ever.  

Our video clients are asking us how to proceed when travel is out of the question and person-to-person contact is practically nil. They still want to communicate — in some cases, NEED to communicate — with their audiences. 

We can still help them — and you — use video to reach people.  Capturing your message through an online platform like Zoom or Skype may not be as gorgeous as if we were on location with perfect lighting, but in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, that’s really not the top priority. The top priority is helping you present a clear, timely message in a way that‘s engaging to your audience.

Here’s what we can do:

We can work with you remotely to shape your message for your audience. Whatever is important for you to communicate right now, we want to make it clear, concise, good-looking and engaging.  

We can coach you on how to set up your online videoing – whether it’s something scripted straight to camera or an interview that we conduct. We’ll advise on how to frame the shot, how to adjust your lighting, and so on.  We’ll be with you remotely through the process.

Then, using the recorded video, we can edit your piece to make the most of your message, adding simple graphics, music and your logo. This is always our goal in post-production: creating a good-looking video that clearly communicates your message, whether it’s an announcement, a story, a situation, a product, a service, or training.

Here’s a simple case study.

It’s a week before curtain. Tickets are sold. Performers are ready. The governor makes an announcement restricting large crowds. Jim Broyles needs to personally communicate to his band’s audience and fan base. 

Our approach was to help Jim hone the message, coach him on how to set up his iPad and encouraged him to buy a simple, inexpensive teleprompting app. Then we added some simple graphics, video and music.

There's lots of ways to capture your message. We can help you find what will work best for you.

Whatever your video needs, let’s talk.   Visit our Contact page to make a virtual meeting.