Who we are

About Denver Film & Digital


Sometimes small is good…

We’re a small company that likes big ideas.  Important ideas.  Ideas that touch people and change lives. That’s our specialty.

And because we’re a small outfit, we’re affordable.

Steef Sealy launched Denver Film & Digital in 1998, figuring it was the perfect use of his education and experience.  He earned his BFA in Theater at the University of Denver, and his MFA in Cinematography at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.  His extensive resume spans working in Hollywood (his favorite was directing second unit on MacGyver and figuring out stunts at the kitchen table) to heading up video production at the leading training company of its time, CareerTrack in Boulder.  Steef produced, directed and edited countless business training videos seen by millions of customers.  Add in a bunch of awards, including an Emmy nomination, and you start to get the picture of someone who knows what he’s doing.

Chris Sealy was a little slow to join the business, but for good reason.  She spent Part  One of her working life in the news business.  She parlayed her BA in Political Science and MA in Broadcasting from Colorado State University into a career in radio.  From her first job as a one-woman news department in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to ten years in L.A. covering everything from shuttle landings to national political conventions for the CBS all-news station, Chris learned how to tell stories efficiently, accurately, powerfully and colorfully.  She earned boxes of awards.  By 2005, she realized that Part Two of her working life needed to be filmmaking with her husband.

Here’s another affordability factor:  shooting practically anywhere without an army of grips and production assistants.  You’ll find an agile crew that travels light and goes where your action is.  Denver Film & Digital also has its own small soundstage for shooting local interviews and demonstrations.

So — you see the math here.  Steef produces, writes, shoots, and edits.  Chris produces, writes, conducts on-camera interviews, does voiceover and edits.

Excellent quality + low overhead = high value.  That’s why small can be good.